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B i o g r a p h y

The screeching sound of string instruments, fantasising Saturday nights in front of any singing show and weekends and evenings filled with anything music; In Sync began from a very young age. 


For the whole of their mere 21 years the Somerset sisters share a common love for music and divulge in anything of the sort. Primary school was the first step, thrusting a letter to Mum and Dad begging them for instrumental lessons. Violin and cello were the chosen ones and so began the numerous after school orchestras, strings groups and shows. Broken strings, nail-biting exams and a snapped in half cello (no joke) filled their younger years. 


In Secondary school their love for music grew, now singing was the next big thing. They were given a taste of stardom when 2012 saw the opportunity to perform with pop sensation Kate Nash; writing songs with her band mates, performing at the Southbank in London and having pizza in the dressing room. Their school days were spent in practice rooms, singing in assemblies and performing at any opportunity they could.


The next phase was sixth form. Members of the orchestra for Guys and Dolls as well as West Side Story, compositions galore, jamming in the corridors, frequent concerts and endless outbreaks into song, they had found their forte - it had to be music. A showcase tour to Belgium rounded off a 'rocking' two years; performing in monumental bandstands, quaint town squares and an impromptu public performance on the ferry home.


Now the twin songbirds perform regularly at festivals, charity events, private functions and parties. Keep up to date by liking their Facebook page and Instagram account @insyncofficial.

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